Florian Schiedlbauer

Florian Schiedlbauer is an austrian photographer based in Vienna.  

He studied 5 years photography at the School of Media in Vienna and qualified with Photographer diploma.

After his qualification he worked as a freelance portrait photographer and realized many projects.

From 2015 he worked worldwide and continued to study photography. 

He didn't stand still and educated himself further qualifying as photographer manager now leading a team of photographers abroad. 2017 he worked as a photo lab technician and later on as a team leader and trains upcoming photographers at an international company for which he still works up to date. 

Photography means for him capturing what he sees with his heart and soul with the help of his imagery and the cameras. 

His type of photography wants to capture in a natural way of what is seen as realistically as possible, mostly with the available light and without excessive image processing. He speaks an honest visual language, which can be found in his portraits.